Year 4

Welcome to Holy Trinity

Welcome back Year 4 to an amazing summer term! Spring has sprung and we are looking forward to glorious sunshine.  Here is the summer term newsletter.

If at any time you have any questions or you are unsure of anything, please ask. We are always happy to speak to you if you have any questions or concerns. Please contact the office and an appointment can be made for a convenient time.

What does learning look like in Year 4?

Year 4 are currently teaching in accordance with the National Curriculum. Maths and English are taught daily, as is guided reading and handwriting.


Maths is taught daily, it varies between the morning before break or before lunch. For the first two lessons, we will be focusing on recapping the math skills that were taught in year 4 Autumn and Spring term.  Then we will be focusing on conversion between different units of measure [for example, kilometre to metre; hour to minute and next estimate, compare and calculate different measures. In addition to our maths lessons, the children will be learning their times tables facts throughout the year and will be tested weekly on their progress.


In English, the children will be looking at a fiction text. The text is called The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan. Daily handwriting and spelling words are learnt supporting spelling suffix and prefix words.

Discrete grammar lessons will be taught in accordance with the text we will be studying. Guided Reading is taught daily, and some children read a book with Mrs Lynch or Mrs Davey whilst also completing independent comprehension activities based on the focused text. As a class, we will be reading, ‘When the mountains roared’ by Jess Butterworth as our class reader focus book.

Important Reminders

  • Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named.
  • Please make sure any money sent into school is in a labeled envelope.
  • Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every day.
  • Homework will be topic based and set half termly.
  • Spellings will be sent home on Fridays to be tested the following Friday.
  • Please listen to your child read every day.
Holy Trinity School

Our motto is:

Alta Pete – Aim High

“The primary aim of the school is to help each pupil reach his or her full potential so that they may develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities available in their future lives.”



In Science, the children study what Electricity is. They identify and name parts of the circuit and construct a simple circuit. They will also predict and test if a circuit is complete or incomplete. When completed, we will look at another science topic, ‘State of matter. We will compare and group materials together and investigate whether they are solids, liquids or gases. Then, we will observe if some materials change state when they are heated or cooled and measure the temperature which happens in degrees Celsius (°C). The children will also identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.

Foundation Subjects

Our topic for this term is North America looking at its rivers, terrain, people etc.  This will also entail identifying the countries of North America and locating them on the map. The use of the world globe and atlases will be resources needed to explore this topic further.

Religious Education will be on, ‘Why do some people think life is like a journey’? How and why do people mark the significant events of life? (Hindus). The children will also look at what Hindus believe about God and explore how they worship their God.

Physical Development

PE will take place every Monday and Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit for the lesson. Children are required to remove or cover earrings for all PE lessons. It is preferred that children have a black pair of trainers and navy blue/black jogging bottoms included in their PE kit as some PE lessons will take place outside.


Homework is given to develop an effective partnership between home and school. Homework set will be in the style of a topic-based project (North America) according to our new homework policy.  The project will be set at the start of each term, with a handing in date set for the beginning or end of the half term. There will be a ‘check date’ in the middle of the term so that the children’s progress can be checked. Apart from this, the children will have ownership of when they complete the tasks and be able to submit their learning before the due date should they wish.

Homework is the responsibility of the child with the support of parents. Homework encourages independence and responsibility in the children.


The Reading Records are also important, so please sign them when you listen to your child read. Reading has a big focus in year 4; ideally each child should read at home each evening. This term, in addition to reading books/assessment, Accelerated Reader scheme has been put into place in years 4 and 5. The children will take an initial test to determine which range of books they are able to read. They will then take a computer based comprehension test when they finish each book. I’m sure the children will tell you all about this!


Children will learn spellings and times tables weekly, in class. The words to learn will be integrated into lessons and our daily handwriting. Each week there will be a focused times table for the children to learn. This will tie in with their learning in school and they will be tested on these times tables at the end of the week. We will sing songs and play games in school for the children to be able to know all of their times tables up to 12x by the end of the year – a requirement of the year 4 curriculum and an impending addition to the Y6 SATs.

We hope this year will be an exciting and progressive year for your children, and I hope this information has been helpful.

Any queries that may arise can be discussed after school.  Anything urgent please, contact me via the school office.


Mrs Boyo, Mrs Lynch, Ms Davey, Ms Loftus & Mr Bailey,

Ms Maskall  

(Year 4 team)