Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 - Spring Term 2022

Welcome back to the second term in Year 5. Thank you for your lovely cards and thoughtful gifts; we don’t expect them but we do appreciate them. We hope the children enjoy reading their books from us and we hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and are now looking forward to the challenges and rewards the New Year brings. I am aware some families may still need to self-isolate at times and for this reason there will be work posted on Google Classroom. This will complement or extend the learning in class.

What will learning look like in Year 5?


Reading remains key for your child’s learning.  Reading is essential to access the whole curriculum. In Year 5 we continue to use the Accelerated Reader Programme. This checks the understanding of texts read. It also allows me to monitor the books read by each child. When required, I will guide children to read books to consolidate their understanding of texts in their reading range. Similarly, if I notice a child is persistently choosing a book at the lower end of their reading range I will encourage them to challenge themselves, but still from their reading range.


Since introducing Book Talk, there has been a noticeable improvement in reading. We will continue to teach reading via Book Talk instead of the traditional guided reading carousel. The children will also benefit from modelled reading; adults will read higher order texts to the children daily and discuss new vocabulary to broaden their understanding. We currently have whole class reading for Street Child by Berlie Doherty.



In English, we will begin by learning about non-chronological reports. This will have cross-curricular links as well as learning the English skills. In class we will be focussing on Emperor Penguins and on Google Classroom the subject will be tigers. We will also be learning about narrative and poetry later this term. Grammar and punctuation will continue to be taught through all English lessons. Spelling rules will also continue. The children will be expected to learn the spelling rules throughout the week, at home and in school, which will be tested via dictated sentences.



The National Curriculum will be taught in Year 5 in preparation for the SATs at the end of Key Stage 2. Maths topics will consist of; number and place value, fractions including decimals, multiplication and division, addition, subtraction, and measurement. Children will have maths problem solving lessons where they will use their reading skills and apply the mathematical knowledge they have learnt to solve the problems. This is a great opportunity for the children to engage in critical thinking by using reasoning to support their answers to maths problems. The times tables will also be included into our weekly lessons. 

Important Reminders

  • Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named
  • Please make sure any money sent into school is in a labelled envelope
  • Please make sure your child wears their PE kit to school on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Reading – children in Year 5 are expected to read at home every day and Reading Records will be checked daily.
  • Homework will consist of daily reading, weekly spelling rules, Mathletics and /or maths games, and a half termly project. Please complete the homework by the deadlines set.
  • Work will be posted on Google Classroom for those needing to self-isolate.
  • Children should have a named water bottle in school every day.
Holy Trinity School

Our motto is:

Alta Pete – Aim High

“The primary aim of the school is to help each pupil reach his or her full potential so that they may develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities available in their future lives.”

Number Tree

How you can support your child?

Making learning fun! The children have already shown a great interest for learning grammar through songs in class! Singing along with MC Grammar is a fun way for the children to learn/revise grammar. Also, please encourage your child to learn/revise times tables facts as times tables underpin many aspects of maths!  This can also be learnt via songs. The Number Rocks songs and videos are a fun way to do this.


Year 5 Science will be taught by Miss Bektas and will follow the National Curriculum. The children will be learning about Living Things and Life cycles. The children will be learning about the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird; classification of plants and animals; the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals; carry out scientific enquiries then report findings through oral and written explanations.


Topic – Geography and History

Our History topic will continue with The Victorians. This topic will have cross-curricular connections to Art/ DT, Geography and English.  The children will also be learning about the journey from the cocoa pod to the chocolate bar for Geography.

Religious Education and World Values/PSHE

The children will be exploring what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live. They will gain knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and way of living. This term they will be learning about – Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?

MFL – Spanish

Year 5 will continue to be taught Spanish studies with Miss Esposito. This term the lessons will be delivered via Zoom to preserve bubbles. I will be supporting the children in class with their Spanish lessons.


ICT will follow National Curriculum requirements and will continue to be taught by Mrs Hart.

PE and Sport

Year 5 are going to be taught PE by Mr Bailey every Wednesday morning. PE will also continue to be led by Miss Plant every Thursday. Current regulations will be observed in the teaching of PE and Sport, especially when using equipment, and will primarily take place outdoors.  Please ensure your child wears appropriate PE kit to school on both Wednesday and Thursday. Navy blue or black joggers are advisable due to the weather changing so suddenly. Please remember a named water bottle and a roll on deodorant to use in school.


Homework will consist of daily reading, weekly spelling rules, weekly Mathletics and a half termly project.  Children are encouraged to use Mathletics to complement what they are learning in school and to self-reflect on their individual areas for development. Please complete the homework by the deadlines set. If your child is unable to complete the homework or requires support with it, please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Eddington before it’s due.

Please ensure that your child is reading on a daily basis and sign their reading records. It is also important to engage your child in conversation about what they are reading by asking them various questions about their books; this encourages them to use evidence from the text to support their answers. Reading records will be checked daily to monitor the reading at home and, should children not be able to read during the evening, they will be given the opportunity to read during break times. In Key Stage 2, the class with the highest average percentage of home readers each week wins the reading trophy for the week. Key Stage 2 classes are very competitive so please ensure your child reads daily.

Spelling patterns will be taught throughout the week and the children will be tested via dictated sentences. The children also complete spelling activities in school for the year 5/6 spelling requirements of the national curriculum.

The Year 5 Team:  Mrs Eddington, Mrs McConalogue and Mrs Mulrennan

Miss Bektas on Mondays; Miss Plant (SENDCo) & Mr Bailey for PE and Mrs Hart for Computing.