Home School Agreement

Holy Trinity Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement explains the aims and values of our school. It spells out the responsibilities of the school and parents, and what the school expects of our pupils.

Children achieve more when schools and parents work together. The Home School Agreement will help parents to work more closely with the school. Parental support and encouragement are very important if children are to make the most of school.

Aims and values of the school

Alta Pete – Aim High

Let Your Light Shine

The primary aim of the school is to help each pupil reach his or her full potential so that they may develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities available in their future lives.

We achieve this by:

  • fostering the values, attributes and lifestyles that a Christian faith demands in the family, among friends, in the school and in the wider community.
  • creating an environment for staff and pupils that is happy stimulating and supportive in which core values and beliefs of high expectations can flourish
  • providing an appropriate balanced education designed to help each pupil reach their potential.
  • ensuring that all staff have access to development opportunities in keeping with the needs of the school and individuals’ expertise to enhance the educational opportunities for our children.
  • providing effective management and organisation within the school to give clear guidance for its direction
  • nurture the partnership role between School, Governors, Parents, ChristChurch and the wider community for the benefit of the children we are jointly responsible for.


Within this Church of England School we will:

·       provide a Christian environment in which all children feel safe and secure and show care and respect for themselves and others

·       provide opportunities for children where they are supported and challenged to achieve their full learning potential

·       provide a curriculum suitable for your child in line with National Curriculum requirements and teach this in an interesting and innovative way

·       regularly monitor your child’s progress and arrange meetings with you to discuss this

·       always inform you at an early stage of any concerns we may have about your child so that you can quickly become involved

·       provide opportunities for you to express your views on school issues and have these views listened to.

Signed ______________________________

Sarah Chaloner (Headteacher)


As parents we will:

·       support our child through the learning process, taking an interest in our child’s life at school and encourage him/her in getting as much as possible from the opportunities available.

·       support the work of teachers and other staff in school

·       encourage our child to show respect for all members of the school community and keep to the golden rules

·       ensure our child attends school regularly and on time

·       try to avoid taking holidays during term time

·       encourage the completion of any homework in the time set

·       attend meetings with school staff to discuss his/her progress.

·       ensure our child wears the correct uniform as stated in the brochure and has what he/she needs to take a full part in all activities

·       be aware of and support the behaviour policy and guidelines to enable the school to maintain high standards of behaviour.


________________________________________________________ Parent/s

Name of parents:



I shall try to:

·       do all my work as well as I can

·       be helpful and honest.

·       be kind, gentle and listen to people

·       behave well

·       wear the school uniform and look tidy

·       look after my own property and respect that of other people.

Signed:               ______________________________________________________________

Name of pupil: _______________________________________________________________

Date:                 _______________________________________________________________