Key Learning Information

At Holy Trinity CE School we take our responsibility to our pupils extremely seriously.

Our aim is to provide for the needs of all of our pupils to help them reach their full potential through a range of learning opportunities. Following our recent OFSTED inspection we continue to work to improve this provision and have identified our key areas for development alongside the key points highlighted in the report. Our School Development Plan is a lengthy document which is used throughout the year as a key plan for improvement.

Leaders do not understand how to teach early reading well enough. They have not given staff the

training they need or checked well enough how well the curriculum is taught. This means that the way

in which pupils are taught to read does not conform to a clear scheme. Pupils do not learn to read as

well as they should. Leaders need to ensure staff at all levels know how to, and do, teach in strict

accordance with an identified phonics programme.


Governors do not hold leaders to account well enough. They were unaware of the weaknesses in

provision. Leaders and governors should make sure all governors have a secure understanding of how

to undertake their roles effectively.


Some aspects of the curriculum are at an early stage of development. Teachers and some leaders, do

not have the information they need to teach some subjects well. Leaders should ensure that all subjects

have clear and cohesive curriculum plans to guide teachers’ work.