Home Learning

Currently everyone has the following regular activities:

Reading – everyday

Times tables/counting – everyday

Spellings/word activities –weekly (mainly KS2)

Phonics – weekly Rec/KS1

In addition to this each year group will have their own homework. This will be provided in hard copy or you may be directed to Google Classroom.

Activities to support children at home.

Here are a few simple ideas which might help!

  • Take your child shopping and get them to count items in the trolley or total up the money
  • If you are doing cooking, get them to help you measure the ingredients
  • Take a number walk on the way to school or the park by trying to find different numbers in the environment
  • Make a timetable for the week and talk about the different things you do at the different times

Useful websites.



We have also put some website links on our pupil pages in Maths.