Pupil Voice

At Holy Trinity CE School, pupils’ opinions and ideas matter. We believe that pupils should have the opportunity to share their ideas, we do this in a number of ways:

  • The Chaplains
  • Pupils have the opportunity to take on leadership roles such as captains of school teams; house captains; collective worship leaders; mentors; play leaders; as well as opportunities with each class.
  • Pupils have regular opportunities to discuss issues that may arise through structured activities such as circle time.
  • The curriculum offers opportunities for pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding when using their pupil voice.
  • We also use questionnaires and pupil voice interviews linked to different areas e.g. Distinctive Christian Character, Maths.
  • Pupils having a great idea and sharing it with staff.

The latest summary of pupil voice shows how positive our children are:

They also added their comments:

The best things about this school are?

 Teachers are kind and trustworthy; My friends; Learning new things; I get help as soon as I need it; The teachers are kind and helpful; Fun lessons; Maths; PE; Lunch; RE; My friends, the teachers and the lessons; Seeing my friends, lunchtime and I have nice teachers; Most of the lessons are fun; Friends; Accelerated reader; Mathletics; Science experiments; Fun activities and events; Hot chocolate Friday and Special Mentions; English; D&T; Art; The friendship and the learning; The best thing about school is learning; I like the toys and the learning; I like the teachers and climbing at school; I like playing with the bikes and the toys; Learning to write and I like playing with the toys, and climbing trees in Forest School; Forest School; Having learning time and going to the field for break; I like assembly, Forest School and learning time; We come to learn; When we go to District Sports; Learning; Meeting new people; Helping in Reception; Re; Helping people if they hurt themselves; Learning a lot of information; Completing my work.

I think we need to improve……

 Cleaning the toilets; Wasting food; Cleaning of knives and forks; Cleaning of the cups; Playtime; Nothing; See-saw; We haven’t got loads of paint, slides; We need to improve the learning harder; Long division, multiplication, art and team work; spellings; More room; Times tables; Art; In Spanish I’m struggling with the songs; I think we need punishments to be big things because sometimes when you tell someone off the teachers don’t seem to do anything; Nothing; I don’t think anything needs to be improved; We need to improve our school dinners; Do art and D&T more; Attendance; Doing guided reading

Anything else I would like to say about the school.

 The behaviour of the school is impeccable and the teachers care about the children; It is a good school because you get the teacher you deserve. Also you get to go on school trips and the teachers really help you achieve; I think we should have leather footballs as you can kick them far; I like RE a lot; I don’t like assembly because you have to sit for a long time; The teachers are kind and helpful; I like school; The teachers are nice but a bit strict; It’s the best! I can sort out the dinner tickets; I like how we get non-school uniform days; It is a good school; Even if I have to get up early, I really enjoy school.