SIAMS Report

SIAMS Report

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

We had our last inspection on 9th November 2023. We were again graded as a good school.

Holy Trinity is a welcoming and inclusive Church school. The vision permeates all aspects of the school’s work and reflects its ambition for all pupils. Leaders and governors understand the community very well and are passionate about how the vision embodies their aspiration.

Report Highlights!

Our established strengths are identified as:

  • The vision is clearly articulated by all members of the community and reflects the ambitions of all. It is having a significant impact on pupils and staff alike.
  • Collective worship is effectively planned and conveys the aspiration the school has for pupils. Spiritual opportunities are woven throughout as pupils reflect regularly.
  • Pupils understand the importance of charitable work and give freely. They are developing their understanding of how impactful their voices can be on issues such as exploitation of the natural world.
  • The school is highly inclusive of pupils. Pupils are encouraged to do their best and are known individually. Parents acknowledge the efforts it goes to in enabling their children to flourish.
  • The religious education (RE) curriculum enables pupils to make good progress. Pupils have a good understanding of Christianity and worldfaiths.

Read the full report here: SIAMS report HT School 091123


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