Spring 2021 update

We are delighted to be back for the final term of the academic year! We have a number of events planned, in a Covid-safe way this term, and we are really looking forward to a more settled term.
CovidPlease remember to stick to the one-way system and Covid guidance at all times. This is really important to keep ourselves and everyone else safe. The latest guidance is available from the DFE: What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during COVID-19 – GOV.UK (

Please make sure you are keeping a check on possible symptoms within your household/ family. 

The latest guidance for Covid: 

Reminder: If you need to update us on urgent Covid issues out of school times, please email via and title your email: COVID TEST URGENT. Your email will be picked up and dealt with as soon as possible. If there is a positive case in your child’s ‘bubble’, we will send you a text with the isolation information. 

Please can you make sure your contact details are kept up to date so that we can contact you as soon as possible so that if there any issue we can contact you effectively. 


It is a parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are in school every day and on time. We are noticing a number of children arriving late, and having a number of days off. Please make sure you have your children in school on time, any lateness will go on their attendance record. It is really important that children arrive on time to start the early morning work and get settled for the rest of the day’s learning. Missing time off school makes a big difference to their learning, especially when they are missing 10% of their time or more. Where we have concerns, we will be contacting you to makes sure that you are aware what level your child is at, and what can be done to improve this. Please note: this does not include Covid absences. 

This is how attendance levels work: 

98 – 100%      Attendance is excellent. 

96 – 97%         Attendance is good. 

94 – 95%         Requires improvement. Pupils are at risk of underachievement. 

90 – 93%          Poor. Pupils are at significant risk of underachievement. 

Below 90%    This is a serious cause for concern and underachievement. Persistent Absence. We have to report this absence level to the Local Authority. 

To put this in context: 

90% attendance means that 

  • Half school day of every week is missed; 
  • Four weeks (20 days) missed over the year; 
  • Half a year missed over the time a child is in primary school.  


Term dates for next year (2021/22) are now available, and attached to the end of the newsletter. 

Date Event 
26th/27th May (TBC) Parent Consultations – online 
31st May – 4th June  Half Term 

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