Year 3

Welcome back to Year 3! - Spring Term 2022

We would like to say happy New Year and welcome you all back to school in 2022

We are pleased to say that year 3 have settled back into the school routine beautifully well. It has been lovely to hear about everyone’s Christmases. It is great to see children have remembered so much of what they have learned last term and continue to demonstrate and apply it in our lessons

Our team this term continues to be Mr Provo, Mrs Vincelli, and Mrs Hart with occasional help from Miss Pantelli. Mr Bailey is still responsible for PE lessons alongside Miss Plant. Miss Hart will take the children for Computing, Art and Music lessons. The children have matured so much since the start of September but we still have a long way to go. We are looking forward to another brilliant term with you all!

What will learning look like this term in Year 3


Reading remains a vital aspect of your child’s learning.  We intend for your child to continue as part of the Accelerated Reader programme and will be given reading books in accordance with the progress made within this programme. It is vitally important that children read every day and we encourage this to take place at home as well. We do accelerated reader tests as and when children need them but we always make sure to get children to complete a test and change books on a Tuesday.

How you can support your child?

When your child is reading to you please ask them a range of questions from the bank below:

What type of text is this? How do you know?  When and where does the story take place?    Why do you think the author chose this setting?

Who are the key characters in the book? What do they look like?

What happened in the story?   Through whose eyes is the story told?

 How do you feel about ….? Why? Can you explain?

If you were going to interview this character/author, what questions would you ask?

 Predict what is going to happen next. Justify from what you have read.

Who would you most like to meet in the story? Why? What do the physical descriptions of the characters tell us about how they are feeling?  How might you have felt in this situation?


At the end of the story the main character is feeling … Does this surprise you? Use the text to support your answer. How did you think the story would end?  What do you think the story is trying to tell us? 


Writing: This term we will continue to work hard to consolidate writing skills. Children will apply the grammar skills they have already learned – such as writing in full sentences with a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. We will have regular grammar lessons and the children will be moving on to a spelling programme that fits in line with the aims of the year 3 curriculum it continues to be helpful if, whenever your child writes at home, you encourage them to apply these basic skills and encourage them to write neatly. To enrich their writing, children will work on an exciting programme of writing units. This half of the term, we will be focussing on non-fiction texts and the key features of them. We have introduced year 3 to various forms of non-fiction text since starting back and they are starting to grasp the key concepts of this writing style


This term in maths. Children will be working towards confidently adding and subtracting large numbers mentally; using various written methods such as using the inverse operation and column addition. We will then be focusing on multiplication, division and fractions.

We will also continue to work on multiplication tables and mental arithmetic skills. We encourage practice of multiplication tables at home. Now our focus is on the 3, 4 and 7 times tables.

How can you support your child?

Encourage your child to feel confident with numbers. Take opportunities to practise mental maths in real life situations, for example, ask children to count an amount of cars they can see on the way to school and then add 10 or 100 to that number. Work out the coins needed to pay and calculate the change that should be given. Please practise 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables and begin to learn 3 and 4. Remember, the children can always use Mathletics to consolidate their learning.



This term we will be studying the exciting topic of rocks and soils; exploring how various types of rocks are made and then moving on to forces and magnets.


Humanities – History/Geography:

We will be studying all about the Earth and its wondrous features such as volcanoes, earthquakes and the water cycle; there is always so much to learn! Our first lesson on this topic was amazing. We experimented creating our own water cycles in glass containers. We were amazed at how much children were able to interpret the effects of the water cycle. Our history subject in the next half of term will be exploring the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.


Religious Education and PSHE

This term, the RE focus will be on learning ISLAM and the multiple festivals of celebration practiced within this religion our school values and ethos are as usual being promoted through worship in both school and Church. Children have been engaging in ‘brain buddies’ PSHE lessons with Kate Melville. She is our NHS school mental health representative, and the children are enjoying learning with her.


MFL – Spanish

The children will have fun and exciting Spanish lessons with Miss Esposito



ICT will follow National Curriculum requirements and be taught by Mrs Hart.


PE and Sport

PE will be led by Miss Plant and supported by Mr Bailey.  Current regulations will be observed in the teaching of PE and Sport, especially when using equipment, and will primarily take place outdoors.  Please ensure your child wears appropriate kit to school on both Monday and Tuesday.

Important Reminders

  • Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named
  • Please make sure any money sent into school is in a labeled envelope
  • Please make sure your child wears their PE kit to school on Tuesday
  • Reading – children in Year 3 are expected to read at home every day and Reading Records will be checked. Opportunities for pupils to read within school time will be given should they not be able to read at home.
Holy Trinity School

Our motto is:

Alta Pete – Aim High

“The primary aim of the school is to help each pupil reach his or her full potential so that they may develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities available in their future lives.”

If, at any time, you have any questions or you are unsure of anything please ask! Staff are always happy to speak to you if you have any questions or concerns. Please make an appointment at a convenient time, and I can phone you.


We hope you have found this information useful and it gives you an insight into the autumn term. Thank you for all your support.

The Year 3 Team- Mr Provo, Mrs Vincelli and Mrs Hart