Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

We hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break and are looking forward to what we are sure will be an eventful Summer term.

We fully appreciate that many of the children will continue to feel anxious about the forthcoming SATs   and we will continue to implement support and coaching to make them feel fully prepared.  We have made changes in order for children to be able to access the curriculum and make up as many gaps in their learning as we can (caused by Covid closures) whilst still equipping them for their progress into Year 7 and the very new environments of secondary school. 

As discussed on Parents’ Evenings, we expecting visits from the secondary school staff to ensure a smooth transition for your children to the next phase of their education.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any worries.

Miss Plant will be leading all learning in Science and PE.  Ms Phillips will then cover the rest of the curriculum with the exception of PE, which will be led by Miss Plant with support from Mr Bailey, Spanish, taught by Miss Esposito and ICT, which will be taught by Mrs Hart.

What will learning look like this term in Year 6?


Reading remains a vital aspect of your child’s learning.  We intend for your child to continue as part of the Accelerated Reader programme and will be given reading books in accordance with the progress made within this programme.  Your child may not always want to read their appropriate Accelerated Reader book; I would suggest they continue to read that text but also read what they want to in order to enhance reading for pleasure.  Reading remains a key focus across the school and we will be preparing the children for reading SATs but having reading boosters and enhanced comprehension sessions as well as coaching the children in examination techniques for reading.

How you can support your child?

When your child is reading to you please ask them a range of questions from the bank below:

What type of text is this? How do you know?  When and where does the story take place?    Why do you think the author chose this setting?

Who are the key characters in the book? What do they look like?

What happened in the story?   Through whose eyes is the story told?

 How do you feel about ….? Why? Can you explain?

If you were going to interview this character/author, what questions would you ask?

 Predict what is going to happen next. Justify from what you have read.

Who would you most like to meet in the story? Why? What do the physical descriptions of the characters tell us about how they are feeling?  How might you have felt in this situation?

At the end of the story the main character is feeling  … Does this surprise you? Use the text to support your answer. How did you think the story would end?  What do you think the story is trying to tell us?  What other stories have a similar theme?

Important Reminders

  • Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named
  • Please make sure any money sent into school is in a labeled envelope
  • Please make sure your child wears their PE kit to school on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Reading – children in Year 6 are still expected to read at home every day and Reading Records will be checked. Opportunities for pupils to read within school time will be given should they not be able to read at home.
  • Homework will be set on Fridays and will be either hard copy or on Google Classroom. This will consist of subject specific projects given as appropriate.
Holy Trinity School

Our motto is:

Alta Pete – Aim High

“The primary aim of the school is to help each pupil reach his or her full potential so that they may develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities available in their future lives.”

Number Tree


There will continue to be an emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG).  The children in our class have good ideas and the content of their writing is often of a high standard.  However, they need to ensure that they are using effective punctuation (ie to make their writing make sense).  They always have the opportunity to edit their work and this should be encouraged if they are writing at home, eg writing letters to family and friends, homework etc. Once again, some of the writing foci will be across the curriculum.


Maths will include a higher emphasis on being able to explain mathematical processes as well as problem solve.  We will continue to focus on developing key number and calculation skills. This will include both mental and written methods. A key aspect of this will be ensuring that all pupils can rapidly recall their multiplication facts (up to 12 x 12) and extending this to decimals, eg 0.0089 x 100; 0.6 x 0.07; 7 x 7 x 7= ;  Place Value – 10,000,000 to 1/1000 including decimals;  Application of the four operations – Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (including problem solving and reasoning);  Algebra;  Measures – length, weight, capacity and volume. 

How can you support your child?

Encourage your child to learn/revise table facts – times tables tie into many aspects of maths!  Random questions, tables songs in the car, asking questions such as, “If I buy 8 sweets at 7p each, how much have I spent?” will support the swift recall of tables.  As we will be doing a great deal of practical problem solving, if your child could help around the house with things like shopping, travel timetables, cooking etc  it would be supportive.


Year 6 Science will be taught by Miss Plant and will follow the National Curriculum.  During the Summer term, we will cover Humans and other animals incorporating bodily systems such as circulation. 

Humanities – History/Geography:

We will be looking at our home location through map work and The Tudors therefore tying together a significant period in the history of the United Kingdom to where we live.  We will also be looking at the multi-cultural make up of Tudor life.

Religious Education and PSHE/RSE

The RE focus will be continuing with Christianity as well as the impact of inspirational people of other faiths.  Our PSHE teaching will be through Jigsaw.  Teaching under the new statutory RSE curriculum will take place in the second half of this term and will be led by Ms Phillips.  Further details regarding RSE will be sent home in the next few weeks.

MFL – Spanish

Year 6 will continue with their Spanish studies with Miss Esposito.


ICT will follow National Curriculum requirements and be taught by Mrs Hart.

PE and Sport

PE will be led by Miss Plant and supported by Mr Bailey.  Current regulations will be observed in the teaching of PE and Sport, especially when using equipment, and will primarily take place outdoors.  Please ensure your child wears appropriate kit to school on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Details regarding Year 6 transition to secondary school and other events will be sent under separate cover.

The Year 6 Team:  Ms Phillips and Mrs Dave

Miss Plant (SENCo) and Mr Bailey