HMI Visit
Following a monitoring visit by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate (HMI) on the 22nd May, a response from the governors of Holy Trinity can be found here.

Our governors come from all walks of life and are all ages. It is a voluntary role which has important legal responsibilities. The head and staff work closely with the governors to fulfil the school aims. At Holy Trinity some of our governors are practising members of Christ Church. Being a governor involves significant amounts of time and energy. At Holy Trinity we are grateful for all the time the governors give to school.

Our Governors are:

  • Mr Matt Smith (PCC) (Chair of Governors)
  • Mr Wilson Falope (Parent) (Vice Chair)
  • Ms. Sarah Chaloner (Headteacher)
  • Mother Jane Dicker (PCC)
  • Mr Peter Hutchinson (Foundation Governor)
  • Mr Ted Clark (PCC)
  • Mrs Madeline Seibert (PCC)
  • Ms. Stephanie Benbow (PCC)
  • Mr Olutayo Olubajo (Local Authority)
  • Mr Nigel Morris (Teaching Staff)

We are fortunate to have a full governing body who are commited to their role. The governing body has three roles:

  1. strategic
  2. critical friend
  3. accountability

The strategic role.
In this role the governors focus on raising standards of achievement for all children.

The critical friend role.
In this role the governors strike a balance between support and challenge for the school. Governors monitor children’s progress and evaluate the school improvement plan. All governors visit the school to during the theme month as well as at other times to support the school.

The accountability role.
The governing body need to account to the whole school community for the performance of school.

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