As you will be aware there is still the possibility that the current lockdown could last until the end of term. It is important that you keep your contact details up to date.

If this happens we will revert back to our arrangements after March 2020 where learning will be provided by the teachers via Google Classroom or for collection/via email. Children who have used Google Classroom last time will have the same password as before, new children will be provided with one. All classes have been renamed as the children have moved through the school.

For further information watch the beginner’s tutorial on Google Classroom:

For those children needing free school meals, we are assuming our kitchen would continue to be open so meals would be either available to collect or be delivered as we did last time. Shoudl you have any concerns about any aspect of this, please contact the school and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Information about returning school, and resources to use:

Leaflet about returning to school:

Information for children about the virus

Virus info booklet children under 7

Free story from Axel Sheffler

If you are concerned about managing during this time please contact the school, myself or Miss Plant.

Support for children with SEN.

See the following links:


Other fun activities you may like to try:

Fun games

Strengthening Minds offer some helpful tips:

Useful websites:

CEOP information:

Phonics play is a good resource and they have given free access via the following information:

Teachit Primary has also provided free access:

Jigsaw PHSE rsources are free with the login below:

password: Home

RE resources:

RE online:

Additional Support information:

Contactline poster COVID19

From BCW Children and Family Centres:

Managing the transition to home schooling


Well-being advice. 

If you are concerned about your mental well-being we have a series of numbers you can call for support:

MIND support phone numbers


At Holy Trinity our aim is to work in close partnership with parents and carers to ensure that children gain the most from their learning. Our successful results last year are partly as a result of the positive partnerships between home and school. There are a number of ways you can get involved with your child’s learning, depending upon the time you have, from supporting daily reading at home to helping in school. There are lots of opportunities. Find out some ways to help at home with the link to our page in the Inclusion section:

Secondary Transfer.

Parents/carers of children in Year 6 will soon be looking at secondary schools for places in September 2021.

For further information, please look at the Herts Direct link:

Snow procedures.

We never take a decision to close the school lightly and it is made on the basis of children’s safety. To open the school we have to ensure that we have an appropriate number of teachers at the school by the start of the day and that the site will be safe. Therefore if we have concerns in these areas we will need to take a decision to close the school.

In the event that severe weather causes a school closure, the following information is available to parents:

  • The school website will have a message on this home page.
  • A message will be sent to you if you sign up for updates at the following site: Everbridge Schools Snow updates
  • Local radio stations broadcast details of school closures.
  • The text messaging service will also be in use. Please ensure your details are up to date.
  • A notice will be placed on the school gates if we can, and unless the weather is really extreme, we will try to ensure we can get someone to school to answer the phone.