Our Curriculum

Holy Trinity Curriculum (including vision and overview)

Our school vision is “Aim High – Let your light shine’ from Matthew 5:16

Everyone is seen as so valuable in God’s eyes that everyone must be supported and encouraged to be the very best they can be. We are a fully inclusive school where no one will or can be left behind.

At Holy Trinity School we believe in the concept of lifelong learning and the idea that both adults and children learn new things every day. We maintain that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone; it should be fun.

The primary aim of the school is to help each pupil reach his or her full potential so that they may develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities available in their future lives.

This vision and these values underpin the curriculum we provide for our pupils:

Holy Trinity Curriculum Vision

Curriculum Maps

Reception EYFS Overview

Holy Trinity Curriculum Map

We review and update regularly to ensure we are continuing to provide our pupils with a broad and rich curriculum which provides ‘real learning’ outcomes. 

On our Statutory Information pages is information about different subjects.



Homework is given to develop an effective partnership between home and school. It has many aims but primarily it is to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding in English and numeracy. It may also extend learning through research and investigation.

Helping at Home

Have a look at some of the resources and websites from our extending learning page which may help to support your child at home: http://ow.ly/WysDp


We have produced a number of resources for children if they are not in school due to the Coronavirus.


Have a look at what we are learning this year! English and Maths overviews are on their respective pages on our website.


Curriculum Overviews for KS2 – Maths and English overviews are on their own sections of this section of the site. See what we are planning!


Have a look at what we are learning this year! English and Maths overviews are on their respective pages on our website.


At Holy Trinity School we use the Herts for Learning planning which ensure that we cover the curriculum requirements and meet the needs of all our pupils.


Religious Education is a fundamental part of the curriculum in our school. We teach children about different faiths as well as Christianity.


We teach science at Holy Trinity in order to nurture the natural curiosity and to enrich the experience our children have of the wider world.


This area of the curriculum is focussed mainly on History and Geography.


Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. As pupils’ progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design.


Holy Trinity CE School uses the Herts for Learning  Scheme of Work for Computing. This provides a creative approach to delivering the computing curriculum.


Currently, children in KS2 are learning Spanish within curriculum time. Teachers support their teaching through the use of resources from Espresso.


Physical Education and sport are integral to ensuring our pupils have healthy bodies and healthy minds. We have a specialist sports teacher for one day per week.


We consider that enrichment is the enhancement of learning experiences, broadening and deepening the learning opportunities pupils have.


Children will be asked what other clubs they would like through this year and additions will be made as the year progresses.